Wand Weinyl (x3) November 18 2016

Our German/Austrian distributor Bernd from Input Audio reported from the Wien (Vienna) Show;

Last weekend at the Vienna show "Klangbilder". …., this was a very small show with just 1500 or a bit more visitors. But my products were very well presented : the Wand Tone arm appearingin 3 demo rooms, the Croft amps in 2 rooms and all together with Harbeth speakers in our room, which was driven by the dealers from "simply hifi", "Longtone" from Vienna and me. …Our room received the best comments regular during the show from visitors, who came quite often several times to us to enjoy music in its most natural kind. Most of the time our room was full of visitors. The Harbeth SuperHL5plus speakers, well driven by the Croft regulated amplifiers, delivered a spectacular good sound – very dynamic, refined and with an absolutely natural flow, full of musical emotions. For us, it was a very good show and my dealers in Vienna were very delighted and well motivated.

For more photos see; http://www.inputaudio.de/klangbilder-wien-2016/