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Another great review for The Wand Turntable in EAR Magazine October 06 2022 1 Comment

EAR Magazine Editors Choice Wand 14-4 TonearmA musicians perspective, Chris Beeching said;

"There is something so definingly, assuredly resolute about the way in which it presents, or rather allows me to access, music. It’s unfussy, unpretentious, and at its heart, actually quite basic, but so very well engineered. The arm ‘just works’, and for me has now set a benchmark. Maybe not the absolute ultimate that could be achieved in vinyl replay, but for the money that’s being asked, so close that it needs serious consideration where the emotional content of music of a prerequisite."

Introducing The Wand EQ Phono Stage July 31 2020

A great partnership, The Wand 14-4 turntable and Wand EQ phono stage

The Wand EQ Phono Stage was designed by our fellow Kiwis at Pureaudio and voiced by us to go with The Wand tonearm.

Its name EQ evolves from the fact that it was fine-tuned to maximise the Emotional Quotient of music that may be resolved in vinyl. It uses an extremely low noise dual J-FET input and power supply to compliment this and the detail resolution possible from The Wand 14-4 turntable and tonearm. It operates purely in Class A.

The Wand EQ is switchable for Moving Coil Cartridges or Moving Magnet cartridges and impedance / capacitance on the back panel. It is available as a stand-alone unit or as a module inside The Wand 14-4 turntable.


The stand-alone unit is housed in an acoustically inert plywood case on a tripod of feet for vibration isolation. Finally, in keeping with a product that is 90% handmade in Aotearoa / New Zealand, the plywood is hand rubbed with Manuka Beeswax polish, connecting with audio enthusiasts who literally want the unvarnished truth.



  • Gain (@1kHz): MC 62dB, MM 40dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz within +/-0.3dB of RIAA spec
  • Input Impedance: 82, 100, 475, 47k Ohms switchable (and 220pF switchable)
  • Hum & Noise: >80dBA (referenced to 5mV input)
  • Distortion: <0.01% in normal operation
  • Output Impedance: 100 ohms
  • Power consumption: 2.5WThe Wand EQ Phono Stage and Wand 14-4 turntable

"Best Buy" for Wand Master 9.5in tonearm from Fidelity Magazine Germany. December 20 2017

The reviewer concluded ; ......The Wand Master can set new standards. Its relatively reasonable price lifts it very high up the Best-Buy-List. The New Zealander already has a fixed place high on my shopping list.

He used Ortofon Winfield and Grado Reference cartridges on a TW Acustic Raven turntable and compared it (favorably) to Thomas Schick and TW Acustic arms...

Thanks to Hans and Bernd for the translation.

French Distributor for The Wand Tonearm December 01 2017

This cool photo of a Wand Master Series tonearm on a TW Acustic turntable with the top Lyra Atlas cartridge comes from our new French Distributor, Acoustic Precision

These guys have shown great commitment in translating most of our Instruction manuals and literature. They are distributors for some pretty amazing gear, like the TW Acustic and Lyra mentioned above and the lovely Lamm amplifiers.The Wamd Tonearm Master series on a TW Acustik turntable with Lyra Atlas cartridge.

The Universal Tonearm! HiFi & Musik Magazine Sweden July 07 2017

Swedish Magazine Hifi & Musik have just reviewed The Wand Tonearm® and applaud it as the “Universal Tonearm” after using it with no less than ten different cartridges. (in particular, saying it was the perfect arm for the Clearaudio Stradivari cartridge, which costs around 5x The Wand Plus that they reviewed it with)

They said; “Are there any disadvantages to in sound quality? In this test, the truth is, that I have not found a single problem with how The Wand presents music. It's could be said it does not have the same grip and precision as our familiar SME V, but being a unipivot, they have their own particular virtues of sufficient quantity. And in that way The Wand delivers less of the poetic story of Nottingham Analogue Ace Space can provide, So we’d say the combination of abilities  is greater than the sum of shortcomings. …… The design points to a perfect balance of these abilities. Against the fact that he wanted to create a good deal Tonearm for a reasonable money. What he has succeeded in constructing is one of the world’s best compromises between sound quality, operation and finish. In the final say The Wand always is a good alternative. No matter what tonearm you jam with. Highly recommended!

…and what they say about using it on a Linn is worthy of a separate post…..


Peripheral Equipment;


Clearaudio Stradivari,

Dynavector Karat 1703,

Gold Note Donatello Red, Hana SL,

Klsekl Purple Heart NS,

Koetsu Black,

Lyra Kleos,

Transfiguration Axia-S

Turntable Nottingham Analogue Space 294 HP Phono Stage · ASR Mini Basis Power Amplifier:  ATC SIA-2 150 Speaker ProAc Response 2.5

The No1 Botswana Tonearm; January 24 2017

Like many others I have delighted in Alexander McCall Smith’s; No1 Ladies Detective Agency series and its positive portrayal of Botswana. So I was happy in sending my first tonearm to a customer there. Anthony ordered a 12in Wand tonearm to go on his rebuilt Garrard 301 (with Ortofon MC cartridge) This is apparently sounding great via his Audio Research preamp and Quad II power amps powering DeVore speakers.

Thanks too to Roy Davis from High End Audio for helping in the installation. 

We’ve been Blogged! and on one of the coolest audio websites out there…. January 19 2017

The Factory Audio from Canberra, Australia has a really cool website, all black with white lettering and moody images. A music page isn’t surprising for an audio dealer / modifier /installer but it also has the big plus of a ‘Whisky of the Week’ page… (and we are not talking Johnnie Who here)

One of their customers, Walter has written an interesting blog about audio progress, this includes quite a few Wand Tonearm references. This may have something to do that he has Wand tonearms mounted on a Thorens TD160, Lenco, Orpheus and Garrard 401 turntables, with more for a Technics SL1500, and the mighty Commonwealth turntable.

The full blog is at if you scroll down a bit.

But few extracts;

….speaking of retro, the ‘new releases’ featured in the article about the Munich show included amplifiers by Dynaco and Hafler, and turntables from Perpetuum-Ebner. Until recently all these brands were dead (though apparently not, to quote a recent head of state, buried and cremated). ……

Naturally enough it occurred to me that a magazine story involving similar products from these manufacturers might have been written about a Munich hi-fi show of 50 years ago or more. But how is this possible when there have been so many changes in hi-fi over the years, and when hi-fi itself, as a branch of science and technology, is predicated on ideas of innovation and progress? It seems that within hi-fi at the moment there are two contradictory historical visions: on the one hand, belief in technological progress surely remains most people’s default position; yet, on the other hand, it is difficult to make sense of the ‘new’ products at Munich without using metaphors of cycles, spirals, and even, to borrow an idea from Nietzsche, eternal return.

Is it even possible to answer this question? Strictly speaking, it is not, for to be able to do so would involve possessing a perspective that somehow transcends one’s immediate paradigm. But it is surely permissible to draw upon our own experiences in thinking about such questions. In my case, a comparison between a system I had around 1980 and the one I have now comes to mind. Simply put, is the one I have now better? If I were to answer ‘no’, it would be because of the magnificently wide and precisely positioned sound stage that my old Amcron electrostatic-conventional hybrid speakers presented when I played records on my AR turntable with its JH arm and Nakamichi moving-coil cartridge. I have been attempting to recapture that soundstage ever since, along the way making a virtue out of a necessity by trying to convince myself that musical coherence is more important than the clear separation of instruments, tracks, and channels.


There is, of course, also a ‘yes’ answer. I’m sure, for example, that my current Merlin-Naquadria amplifiers are much better than my 1980 Amcron-Dynaco combination and, for that matter, everything else I’ve ever had including the celebrated Naim 250 power amp. I also feel that a decent medium-priced modern tonearm represents a significant improvement on even state-of-the-art vintage arms. This opinion was confirmed recently when I replaced the early-model SME 3009 on my vintage Orpheus turntable with a 9” version of The Wand carbon-fibre tonearm from Design Build Listen in New Zealand. One reason for the huge improvement I perceived is the tonearm cabling involved, and I think that cabling in general is an area where one may well speak of progress; I shudder to think that in 1980 I was feeding my Amcron electrostatics with the sort of speaker wire that one buys at Bunnings these days. Cabling aside, though, current unipivot tonearms like The Wand still seem better than their antecedents such as the once highly regarded JH Formula 4 and even the legendary Naim Aro.

But, as I’ve said before, the thing to do is to put something like The Wand on a good vintage turntable. In fact, my two current favourite turntables, the Orpheus and a souped-up Thorens TD 160, both have Wands. The Orpheus is from the late 1950s and the Thorens the 1970s. The Orpheus has an Ortofon 2M Black cartridge, which is a – perhaps the – current cutting-edge moving-magnet design, while the Thorens has a Decca London cartridge, which, although new, is essentially the same design as its Decca predecessors from the 1950s. (contd)

Dr Walter Kudrycz

Wand Weinyl (x3) November 18 2016

Our German/Austrian distributor Bernd from Input Audio reported from the Wien (Vienna) Show;

Last weekend at the Vienna show "Klangbilder". …., this was a very small show with just 1500 or a bit more visitors. But my products were very well presented : the Wand Tone arm appearingin 3 demo rooms, the Croft amps in 2 rooms and all together with Harbeth speakers in our room, which was driven by the dealers from "simply hifi", "Longtone" from Vienna and me. …Our room received the best comments regular during the show from visitors, who came quite often several times to us to enjoy music in its most natural kind. Most of the time our room was full of visitors. The Harbeth SuperHL5plus speakers, well driven by the Croft regulated amplifiers, delivered a spectacular good sound – very dynamic, refined and with an absolutely natural flow, full of musical emotions. For us, it was a very good show and my dealers in Vienna were very delighted and well motivated.

For more photos see;

The Hero of our Tonearm! September 23 2016 1 Comment

Much of The Wand Tonearm is pretty High Tech....Carbon fibre, laser sintered Titanium, CAD modelling, CMC machining etc but the hero of our tonearm is Tony who has recently turned 86. Without his skills we would never have got here. Tony is a 'retired' medical instrument maker who fixes clocks and making barrel organs for a hobby (see photo). So he considers making clever tonearm assembly jigs and prototypes to be fun. We are so blessed to have his skills.
Thanks Tony! You are an inspiration.

The Wand Tonearm Master Series is a finalist in the 2016 BEST Design Awards August 09 2016

More NEWS! The Wand Tonearm Master Series is a finalist in the 2016 BEST Design Awards (Designers Institute of New Zealand).

Blog; Unipivots, V8s and straight sixes…… July 31 2016

Oasis the Room (Not the Band) July 08 2016

As mentioned earlier, our 'Audio Downunder' Room (Colleen Cardas Imports) at the Newport Show was given an Audio Oasis award my Positive Feedback magazine, you can now read more about it (even if The Wand Tonearm reference is rather obscure...)

Positive Feedback Link

New TNT Review The Wand tonearm (and Hana cartridge) July 04 2016

New Review! TNT Audio (Italian - English Audio Review site) has a new review of The Wand Tonearm 9.5in Plus model with a bunch of budget cartridges ranging from a Rega Carbon to Hana SL (with the Hana models coming out top)TNT Audio Link

Another Show Stopper...... June 29 2016

SoundStage Global magazine featured The Wand Tonearm in it’s Newport Show Report section on Source devices, commenting “It’s weird to think of a tonearm costing more than $1000 as a fantastic bargain, but The Wand sure looks like one. The tonearms, which were being demonstrated on a $40,000 Döhmann turntable, start at $1050 for a 9” model” Link

Audio Oasis Award! June 26 2016

Wow, our room at THE Newport Show scored an "Audio Oasis" award from Positive Feedback magazine. They apparently only give this to a few rooms where you genuinely want to stay and listen to the music! Thank to the Brigadiers Audio Speakers, Pureaudio amps, Les Davis feet, Audio Union Helix One turntable with The Wand Tonearm (despite having dropped off the certificate!) and all organised by Colleeen Carda Imports.

Great room, great Show! June 17 2016 1 Comment

We were so busy at the Downunder Audio room (Colleen Cardas Imports) of THE Newport Show that I had neither much time for posting nor much visits of other rooms till the last hour or so. That was a great reality check. It was a reminder how effortless natural Brad's Brigadier BA2 speakers with the Pureaudio amps were, I'm sure I had blood dripping out my ears after visiting a couple of uber-end rooms.
it was a scary privilege to be using my (tone!) arms on the Audio Union Helix 1 turntable. What an amazing piece of technology Creating a sound that was just 'there'. Blurry photo attached (and more posts coming...)

ANZAC Audio to Storm the US (Newport Show June 2016) May 23 2016

What could be termed the First ANZAC Audio Expeditionary Force is set to make a landing at Newport Beach for T.H.E Show there next weekend. A group of manufacturers from Australia and New Zealand have combined to share two rooms hosted by Colleen Cardas Importers. (Rm 1012 & 1011). This is being promoted as "Downunder" audio.

Kiwi makers Pureaudio and Design Build Listen (The Wand Tonearm®) are sharing a room with the very high quality 'Compact BA2' monitors designed by Australia's Brad Serhan from Brigadiers Audio. The turntable is the extraordinary Audio Union Helix 1 designed by Melbourne based Mark Doehmann. All products will be isolated using isolation devices from Les Davis Audio of Sydney Australia.

Gary Morrison said that Pureaudio are showing a full analogue vinyl system including their Vinyl Preamplifier, Control Preamplifier, and an updated version of the Duo Class A stereo power amplifier. There will be a sneak preview of the new The Wand Tonearm Master Series which features a raft of refinements and a sophisticated silver finish.

In the next door room, Australian amplifier makers Redgum will be rocking with the high flying Aussie speaker maker Axis.

Stereoplay Magazine (Germany) gives The Wand Plus "Highly Recommended" May 17 2016

Stereoplay Magazine (Germany) gives The Wand Plus "Highly Recommended"

....apparently a good review but we can't read it.....

Next Two Wand Tonearm Videos now On Line March 24 2016

Then there were three....

....thanks to Jemma's video skills we now have;

  1. Fitting & Balancing -   Link
  2. Drilling the Mounting Hole -  Link
  3. Fitting the Mount - Link  
  4. Fitting the Arm & Setting Overhang - Coming Soon
  5. Vertical & Horizontal Balancing - Coming Soon

Wand Installation Video

Iconoclastic Classics! February 29 2016

Recently we’ve posted a bunch of images of cartridges that cost several times the cost of The Wand Tonearm® being used on it.

Just to rock the boat a bit we have now posted on Pinterest some rebelliously cheap cartridge being used.

The Shure SC35C ; has been described as “A Wolf in Cheaps Clothing”, this DJ cartridge with the tracking force of half a brick….   …..but with the redeeming feature that it can sound great! Dave in the USA has tried it fitted to his Technics SL1210 M5G on his Wand 10.3in arm, commenting

So far I've had a Shure SC35C, Zu Denon 103R, Shure M55E and a Stanton Fluxvalve 380 installed and they have all performed great. Way better than these budget carts should and better than any of them have performed for me in the past.

Swedish translates beautifully! February 10 2016

Swedish translates beautifully!

A couple of weeks ago our Swedish distributor Stylus Audio  sent a review from a local magazine Hifi&Music of The Wand Tonearm® fitted to an Analogue Works TT2 and using a Lyra Kleos cartridge. Only we couldn't read it.

Now we have a translation on the summary at the end of the review...

Sure, the combination costs a pretty penny and it is hard to discount the vertiginous precision in the detail that the Lyra cartridge contributes. But, I cannot recall having ever heard a Lyra sound as muscular and dynamic, and clearly the mechanically stable and low loss tonearm contributes to this. Yes, it feels as if the stylus movement is directly coupled to the amplifier. So, considering the price, the Wand presents itself as a true bargain!

Hana Cartridges score 5/5 with HiFi World (UK) January 12 2016

The first magazine review of Hana cartridges has come out in the UK magazine HiFi World.

They reviewed the Elliptical stylus EL & EH models and awarded both ‘Five Globes’ (of five)

With the verdict (EL); A wholly tolerant cartridge that is smoothing and engaging while praising it for –musical engagement, romantic mids, bass and value for money (at a UK retail of £276)

This is a nice symmetry as it was HiFi World who ran the first The Wand Tonearm® review (again awarding it five globes).

Design Build Listen is the New Zealand Distributor for Hana cartridges.

One of our local customers also commented;

The improvement in 3 dimensional accuracy was immediately obvious. It is a solid and precise sound without being at all clinical. The Hana has great timing and I very quickly forgot about the cartridge and just enjoyed the music. Richard B. New Zealand

Dortmund High-end on Tour (HOT) Show 2015 January 02 2016

Input Audio  the active German Distributor for The Wand Tonearm® has done a number of Shows this year. The last one was the Dortmund Hi-end on Tour Show. The Wand Tonearm was mounted on a Palmer 2.5 turntable with Soundsmith AIDA cartridge. Driving the Harbeth 40.2 speakers in these photos were the newly released Trichord 500W monoblocks. This combination sounded very dynamic. Croft and Creek amplification also provided good alternative perspectives.


Cartridge Heavy Hitters! December 13 2015

This new  on Pinterest shows The Wand Tonearm® being used with cartridges ranging from $US 250 to $US 9500. At one end the Denon DL110 providing great musical enjoyment on a SRM tech turntable for its owner despite the modest outlay. The Lyra Atlas / Haniwa HCTR01 and Dynavector DV-XV all showing The Wand can provide great insight at the other end of the scale too!