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Tonearm Heaven in Kuala Lumpur May 12 2015

Tonearm heaven in Kuala Lumpur!
Just had a wonderful couple of days in Malaysia and visited a number of Wand tonearm owners there as it seems to have gained a bit of a cult following.
I had a great time with friendly folks with some really serious audio gear. I  was tempted to entitle this "Being punched in the head in K-L" as the combination of Decca cartridge/ Wand Arm / Lenco L70 with a MOSFET  driven pair of 1960s JBL gave some of the most wonderfully punchy music I have ever heard. This will probably become a longer blog but a bit of a taster, some photos attached.

Cartridge Collection January 13 2015

I've started a 'board' on Pintrest with a Cartridge Collection. Link

Different cartridges fitted to The Wand tonearm.

This will get randomly added to.


More Magic for Lenco Enthusiasts! PTP Audio are offering The Wand Tonearm September 17 2014

PTP Audio are famous in the audio world for their turntables and components based on Swiss Lenco turntables from the 1970s. PTP turntables marry the famous PTP (Peters Top Plate) components with fabulous Corian Plinths. These have been awarded a Blue Moon Award from 6 Moons and prestigious Stereophile (US) recommendation,  so they are seriously good turntables and a great match for The Wand.

After trialling The Wand Unipivot Tonearm, Peter has enthusiastically adopted The Wand as one of the tonearms he offers for sale.  He commented when using a Midas Denon 103 on The Wand; So far I'm seriously impressed. Great tonality and dynamics before fitting a ZYX Universe when he exclaimed;  All I can say is that it sounds fantastic :-))

PTP is about to use The Wand on PTP turntables at two upcoming European HiFi Shows in The High End Show in Brussels and AAA Analog Tage in Krefeld, Germany (Full details soon).