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Design Build Listen Limited is focused is on designing and building analogue products, notably The Wand Tonearm® , 14-4 Turntable and EQ Phono stage.  It is based in New Zealand and uses the high tech facilities of the local engineering sector, who are skilled in making low volume and high quality equipment. Design Build Listen was set up more than ten years ago to design, build and market audio products. 

Full 3D Computer Aided Design is used with sophisticated, state of the art computer controlled machining and laser cutting equipment to make our products. 

All Design Build Listen, names and designs are Trade Marked and protected by Copyright and a number of Registered designs. A US Patent has been filed for The Wand Tonearm®.


Simon Brown the Principal of Design Build Listen has 35 years of experience as a Professional Engineer in product design in the appliance industry. He also has 35 years of experience as an enthusiastic builder of DIY audio gear and knows intimately the frustrations and joys of audio as a hobby. Simon has had articles published in AudioEnz, AudioXpress and Australian HiFi magazines.

HiFi Choice (UK) interview with Simon here

My main audio system;  9in, 10.3in & 12in Wands mounted The Wand 14-4 Turntable (Several cartridges but favouring Hana ML and Denon 103) / Wand EQ Phono Stage Phono / Pass DIY ACA amp (8W SE FET) / Own design full range speakers using Fostex FE206 drivers.



Design Build Listen Ltd.

Postal; PO Box 32, Motueka, 7143, New Zealand.

Phone; +64-21-502037






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