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Audiophile Jazz Review; The Wand 12in/ S.A.M. Reference Turntable / ZYX 4D (and other) cartridges… December 29 2016

One of our customers Mike Sands, runs a website; Audiophile Jazz Review. He has recently published a review of his experiences with The Wand 12in (some extracts…)

Let’s just cut right to the chase for those who are impatient….like me….! If you’re looking for a tonearm that will allow whatever cartridge you use to be heard as designed. Then this strange looking, carbon fiber, cigar shaped marvel called “The Wand Plus” is it!  There you have it. Now the details….

For over a year I’ve put this arm through its paces on the S.A.M. Reference turntable using such notable cartridges as the, Denon DL160, ZYX R100H, Jasmine Tiger, Dynavector XX2 Mk II, Haniwa HCTR-01, and my current reference the ZYX 4D. Whatever cartridge used, the Wand allowed me to easily hear the characteristics of these fine pickups. The Dynavector’s characteristic ballsy bass and smoothness was easy to discern, as was the detail, clarity, and spaciousness of the Haniwa. But It wasn’t until I mounted the ZYX 4D that the magic started to happen. No disjointed hi-fi spectacular, just music!

Setting up the arm is a snap. It is easier than any arm I’ve had before which includes the Syrinx PU3 MKII, Zeta, Linn Ittok, Premier MMT, SME 309, and Origin Live Silver. This I attribute most to an ingenious setup jig supplied with the arm, which allows correct pivot distance and bearing height adjustments in less than a minute!

…..every now and then you find that special component whose performance belies their affordable price and relax knowing that you are hearing the truth from your system without having to mortgage the home. Such is the realization with the Wand/ZYX/Reference combination.

For the full review go to ;

There is a ZYX 4D focused review higher up on the page and a Wand 12in focused one lower down.