The Wand Tonearm Models

The Wand Tonearm

The Wand Tonearm

is available in three lengths: 9.5", 10.3" & 12" and three specification levels, The  Wand Plus, The Wand Master  and S (Master Lite) Series. A data sheet with the full list of differences & dimensions is available here. 230kB PDF. The Master series is also available as a 14" model to special order.

The Wand Classic is no longer generally being made.

12", and 9.5" arms

On paper, 12" arms offer a 30% reduction in distortion compared to a 9in" arm. We have been 'converted' to 12" arms, because while the essential tonality is the same there is an increase in musical detail and image depth. The 14in Master model takes this to new lengths but is only available to special order. The massive strength of The Wand armtube means the benefits of this length can be heard rather than lost in added resonances.

Our 10.3" arm is a great way of having 2/3 of the benefits of the 12" arms in a more compact package. It is designed explicitly to be the longest arm you can fit on a Linn LP12 or Technics SL1200 family turntable, inlcuding the new GR models (or similar compact turntables). Special mounting kits are available to make this even easier.

The Wand Plus and The Wand Master Series

Our full - feature models are available through selected retailers. Click here to see your nearest retailer. If there are no retailers near you, contact us on to help.

NZ Retail Prices for the Plus models are $NZ 1795 for the 9.5", $NZ2025 for the 10.3" and $2295 for the 12" (inc GST, our 15% sales tax). The Master Series are $3450 / $3975 / $4375 for 9.5" / 10.3" / 12".

Other countries are equivalent allowing for local taxes and freight.

The Wand Master Series:  makes real gains in sound quality with easily adjustable VTA, a vibration shunt (damper), silver coated copper wiring, silver carbon fibre and a Silver Design Award!   Data Sheet here PDF 280kB

 Wand Dark-Light tonearm see Blog / News Available end 2023

Analogue Accessories

Tune ups for turntables and extras to make it easier to install The Wand Classic Click here.

Design Build Listen Audio Components

Tube damping rings and valves Click here.

DIY Audio accessories Click here.