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Witchdoctor NZ give The Wand EQ Phono 10/10


German magazine HiFi Test;  https://www.hifitest.de/test/phono_vorstufen/dbl-the_wand_eq_19937 

HiFi Choice UK included The Wand EQ in a group test of phono stages in Issue 481, it did well, rating a recommendation with all the other stages more than twice the price.

    10/10 for The Wand on Witchdoctor

Some User Comments;

The family went out on Friday arvo (I'm still working from home) so I thought I'd celebrate a tough week with a beer and some music, at volume levels not possible with younguns... the combo performed flawlessly, so much power, punch and clarity, it was quite simply amazing. Thank you!

Dion, NZ   (Wand 14-4 Turntable & Arm, Hana ML Cartridge)


Lengthy listening session this afternoon with 6 of us trying out the Wand and Pass labs Aleph Ono phono. I initially ran the Wand phono and opinions were mainly that I was playing via the Pass!

Played a UHQR copy of Supertramp Crime of the Century,  and everyone was very impressed with the depth and sparkle in the recording,

Clive, Australia


The phono stage is excellent!  I’ve only listened to the Musikraft 103R (Goldring/Lenco and 12” Wand) through it so far, but I’ve already found that it has both an expansive presentation, and an ability to convey fine detail.  If I had to use one word to sum up its character, it would be ‘majestic’.

Walter, Australia


I’ve just had a chance to have another quick listen to the phono. I am liking it even more today. On Dire Straits first album there is a track called Southbound Again. It has a rhythm guitar set back in the mix which on my Pro-ject sounds vague and muffled, with this, you can almost make out fingers on the fretboard… dynamic contrasts not so subtle I would argue…. amazing!

 Andy, Timaru NZ