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Next Two Wand Tonearm Videos now On Line March 24 2016

Then there were three....

....thanks to Jemma's video skills we now have;

  1. Fitting & Balancing -   Link
  2. Drilling the Mounting Hole -  Link
  3. Fitting the Mount - Link  
  4. Fitting the Arm & Setting Overhang - Coming Soon
  5. Vertical & Horizontal Balancing - Coming Soon

Wand Installation Video

Dortmund High-end on Tour (HOT) Show 2015 January 02 2016

Input Audio  the active German Distributor for The Wand Tonearm® has done a number of Shows this year. The last one was the Dortmund Hi-end on Tour Show. The Wand Tonearm was mounted on a Palmer 2.5 turntable with Soundsmith AIDA cartridge. Driving the Harbeth 40.2 speakers in these photos were the newly released Trichord 500W monoblocks. This combination sounded very dynamic. Croft and Creek amplification also provided good alternative perspectives.


First Wand Tonearm Installation video now on line! December 03 2015

The first (of five) Wand Tonearm Installation videos is now on line on Vimeo. This one is about five minutes long.

Thanks for the video making to Jemma Wells Photography!

The others will gradually roll out in the next few months.

Swedish Style December 01 2015


Swedish Dealer Hembioconsult has been showing The Wand tonearm on an Analogue Works Turntable with Lyra Delos cartridge on their Facebook page, more nice photos and sound.

The Wand at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) Room 465 September 27 2015

Our Dallas, Texas retailer, Mockingbird Distribution is using The Wand Tonearm as part of the release for a new range of moving coil cartridges from Japan, 華 (or hana, which means “brilliant and gorgeous” in the original Japanese). HANA Phono Cartridges use high rigidity aluminum cantilevers, and cross-shaped armatures, providing you with brilliant and gorgeous sound.  Hana “SH” and “SL” use nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus, capable of excellent high frequency response, giving you supreme transparency and excellent trackability.

Come and listen at RMAF 2015, in room 465.

Rockin with Analogue Works Turntable at the North West Audio Show this weekend! June 24 2015

Divine Audio are Showing their Analogue Works range of turntables at the North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall  this weekend.

The Wand Tonearm will be there too fitted on with this lovely Decca Maroon cartridge.
Be there or be digital......

The Wand Tonearm at Munich High End Audio Show May 17 2015

The Wand Tonearm has generated a lot of interest being displayed at the Munich  High End Audio Show. It is being  exhibited on the Analogue Works 2.0 turntable (Hall 3 Stand G07).

Australasian Analogue Action at the Sydney Audio Club November 24 2014

Vince from Once Analogue presented a very successful demonstration at the Sydney Audio Club on 16th Nov

The result obviously impressed them with the following comment;

".....the turntable I helped present at the Sydney Audio Club yesterday met the only real measure that a turntable should need to meet: exceptional and maybe even the best musical reproduction in its price range.
  It was an Australian Once Analog, with a NZ Wand tonearm and a fairly modest Grado Moving Iron cartridge."

For the full post, see;