Great review for The Wand 14-4 in Hong Kong September 23 2023

A really nice review in Hong Kong magazine "HiFi Review" is even nicer as they are buying one to use for their reference / review turntable!

An extract below (translated);
Listening work officially started. Zhong Yi first put on the double LP of Yuja Wang's "The Berlin Recital" (recorded in 2018) newly released by DG. Originally, he only wanted to listen to Side A track 1 Rachmaninov "Prelude in G minor". ” op.23/5, a preliminary attempt to understand the basic sound of the system. It is generally believed that the piano is difficult to play, the sound is unreal, not natural enough, and it cannot be played well. This is nothing unusual, especially for cheap LP turntable sets.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I dropped the needle… the sound was full of enthusiasm and bounce, showing the sense of color and low-frequency volume, which really shocked me! It has magical power. I was attracted to it as soon as I started listening to it. The more I listened to it, the more I liked it. I couldn't bear to let go of the needle. As a result, I listened to two "preludes" and two "music and picture etudes" on one disc in one sitting. It should also be added that even when playing to the innermost groove of the record, there is still no obvious distortion or splitting sound, which reflects the excellent tracking performance of the tone arm and cartridge.

The article has previously described the performance of the 14-4 group in replaying piano solos and violin concertos, and they all passed the test. When I listened to "Duets" Rob Wasserman & Jennifer Warnes, the focus of this recording is on vocals and double bass. It allowed me to better understand the cleanliness of this combination's sound, as well as its ability to handle low frequencies without becoming bloated but still reaching deep lows. "Ballad of the Runaway Horse" will undoubtedly captivate your ears; the stylus on the strings feels real, every note is clear and cohesive, and Ms. Warnes' voice is delicate, moving, and warm.

Conclusion: If I were asked to choose the most value-for-money and good-sounding analog system in recent years, 14-4 + 9.5 inches + Phasmation PP-200, it has to be this combination. It is indeed a Magic Wand.

Package price: HK$52,500 (14-4 turntable + Wand Plus arm)