New Product Release; Wand 14-4 Master Turntable and Series B Products March 14 2024

Wand 14-4 Master Turntable

The Wand 14-4 Master Turntable is a new release and builds on the design of the existing 14-4 turntable by adding the Wand Iso Base unit that enhances the performance of the 14-4 by improving its isolation from vibration and electrical noise. It is also available as a retro-fit unit for existing 14-4 turntables.

Electrical isolation is gained by using a battery supply built into the base (Also separately available as The Wand EV). This can run for a day after an overnight charge. The battery supply also significantly improves the perceived dynamics and resolution

The Isoacoustic® Gaia feet are an added tier of isolation and complimentary to the Zentroidal™ isolation system in the 14-4. As well as a gain in resolution, there is added foot fall isolation. The Gaia feet are located with one at the back and two at the front for ease of levelling.

At the same time the new Series B (Black) 14-4 turntable also gains the Carbon fibre Wand Mat™ and silk finish carbon fibre top deck which further improves resolution and is complimentary to a change in cosmetic finish to black.

Founder / Designer, Simon Brown describes The Wand Series B Tonearm is the biggest change in design in the ten-year history of the arm. It is particularly aimed at addressing the installation issues of some users. The key changes for this are the introduction of a plastic protractor, a change in rear weight system and new micro mount system.

The new system allows users to adjust the overhang using a screw thread with extreme accuracy (0.5mm or 20 thou per revolution). A quality German screwdriver is provided and is used for all settings. This ties in with a new clear plastic protractor which condenses ten years of experience into this setup multi tool.

The first magazine review is here; This Turntable Runs on Batteries and Sounds Incredible