Wand Turntable Reviews

As the Wand 14-4 Turntable is in the middle of being released, reviews are still in progress but some response at Shows and from Customers is included below;

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http://www.avshowrooms.com/capital-audiofest-2018-awards-showreport.html (Gold award at Show)



Customer reviews; 

 This turntable is supurb!!! Wow! Detailed and sublimely musical! Bravo! Better musically than my $20k EAT.                                                                                                                                     Mike, Australia

The 12 inch Wand with ATOC9-II Cartridge that normally resides on my beloved Technics SP10 MkII was a breeze to swap and set up on the Wand turntable. Dropping the needle was a revelation to say the least. Sheer detail, depth of image and a sense of rock solid pitch made me wonder if I had been "barking up the wrong tree" with  direct drives all these years. This is clearly one well engineered and seriously well designed turntable.                                            Andy, Timaru NZ

Having lived with a few turntables, and built the odd one, hearing a pre-production Design Build Listen turntable stood out for me. Not by comparison to so many classic and good turntables, but rather because, like The Wand, its new approach is musically quite rewarding.  

The large diameter laminated platter and electronically controlled DC motor belt drive seem to offer improved impact from tight low frequencies to detailed midranges and clear high frequencies. ….It simply works. I liken the sound to a Lenco 75 on a fitness plan; more direct dynamic sound, but still very musical. It’s not easy to get this balance right. I think it’s what a post-digital era modern turntable should sound like. It also looks great!  Rob, NZ

The turntable presented the recorded music with assurance on a stable sonic platform with excellent timing. High range dynamics including vocals had a nice spatial separation and were presented in a realistic full bodied manner. Depth and placement of supporting instruments from the midrange to higher frequency spectrum was a particular strength. Musically all the elements are presented with clarity and a sense of togetherness within a discernible soundstage.                                                                                                                                                                              Jon, Dunedin NZ

Comment from a listener after Milan Show 2018; “Speaking about your turntable I think it's VERY good! …..They put a very good jazz record on; the song I heard was o cover of "blue rondò" with a  Hammond and a (tenor?) sax... Well, first I noticed the drum,  it was explosive just like a Lenco, then the motor stability ... wow! (and an Hammond with Lesley who execute long notes, or a long saxophone whispered note are HARD to reproduce...I used to play drums in bands with Hammond and Brass). Well done, I'm pretty impressed (the bass is also really good)”

Simon has his Wand TT/Master 10.3 arm/Hana SL system back now, after my extended 2 week audition in my (all) Sanders 10e ESL system, in my listening room…. What I heard was indeed the next step shift for me..
In my system I was pleased to hear such a musically satisfying TT/arm/cartridge. It very clearly has all the musical replay strengths of my Linn and Well Tempered Simplex, and improves on these. I listen critically to potential new items into my system by demo’ing voice and acoustic instruments - notably ECM recordings and MFSL pressings. The Wand system nails these and of course other genres. The Wand has the desired synergy in my system - frighteningly realistic imaging (holographic?), cohesiveness reproduction with outstanding detail retrieval across the full audio range; tonal and timbral accuracy and crucially, provides emotional engagement, sonically. It just replays music so great. I’m overwhelmingly convinced, Simon has my deposit                                                 Ian, Dunedin NZ

The Wand turntable with a 10.3" arm was yet another leap forward. Yes there was a noticeable improvement in spatial "aliveness" and tonal accuracy, but most of all a wonderful musicality that lets you forget the gear and just listen to the music. Simon has my order!                                                                                     Richard, Dunedin NZ

I have setup and listened (LYRA Delos): as expected the sound is more than good.  …The transient, notes decreases, silences between note are well reproduced. The constrained layer platter do the job and I like the methacrylate in contact with the LP. The reproduction of harpsichord is great.                                                             Jean-Francois FR


The Wand 14-4 Turntable has arrived; I’ve set it up with the EMT Lime and all is very, very well! No deep listening impressions yet, as a crew is demolishing the lady’s room on the other side of one wall.  I CAN say the bass is extended, punchy and well-defined, and pitch is rock steady - sustained piano notes are no bother at all. (The bane of my existence on other tables.)

Annie Lennox’s ‘Diva’, particularly “Legend in My Living Room” is a MUST to show this combo off. This with the Shindo Monbrison and Cortese 10w single-ended stereo amp and DeVore O/96.

Another standout: Newvelle Records’ Year One: Jack DeJohnette’s Solo Piano album. The piano has unusually convincing weight, body and impact. Mind, there’s a baby grand in the room, so there’s a good reference handy!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dave, USA