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Swedish translates beautifully! February 10 2016

Swedish translates beautifully!

A couple of weeks ago our Swedish distributor Stylus Audio  sent a review from a local magazine Hifi&Music of The Wand Tonearm® fitted to an Analogue Works TT2 and using a Lyra Kleos cartridge. Only we couldn't read it.

Now we have a translation on the summary at the end of the review...

Sure, the combination costs a pretty penny and it is hard to discount the vertiginous precision in the detail that the Lyra cartridge contributes. But, I cannot recall having ever heard a Lyra sound as muscular and dynamic, and clearly the mechanically stable and low loss tonearm contributes to this. Yes, it feels as if the stylus movement is directly coupled to the amplifier. So, considering the price, the Wand presents itself as a true bargain!

Swedish Style December 01 2015


Swedish Dealer Hembioconsult has been showing The Wand tonearm on an Analogue Works Turntable with Lyra Delos cartridge on their Facebook page, more nice photos and sound.

Rockin with Analogue Works Turntable at the North West Audio Show this weekend! June 24 2015

Divine Audio are Showing their Analogue Works range of turntables at the North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall  this weekend.

The Wand Tonearm will be there too fitted on with this lovely Decca Maroon cartridge.
Be there or be digital......