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 Stereophile Recomended Component; Class A (April 2024 Issue, not on line yet)

Michael Fremer in his Tracking Angle Review concluded; I auditioned it on a $33,995 Acoustic Signature Montana NEO and its performance amazed and actually baffled me. How can something this inexpensive perform so well in every possible sonic and mechanical parameter—but especially in the bottom octaves? I don’t need an answer. It just does.

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HiFi Review Magazine, Hong Kong reviews 10in Master Tonearm on Wand 14-saying  “The sound of the Plus 9.5 is already very good. Will the difference with the Master 10.3 be obvious? When the first record was played, I almost jumped up from the chair. “ (Translated)

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Swedish magazine Hifi&Music reviewed The Wand Tonearm® fitted to an Analogue Works TT2 and using a Lyra Kleos cartridge and concluded (translated);

Sure, the combination costs a pretty penny and it is hard to discount the vertiginous precision in the detail that the Lyra cartridge contributes. But, I cannot recall having ever heard a Lyra sound as muscular and dynamic, and clearly the mechanically stable and low loss tonearm contributes to this. Yes, it feels as if the stylus movement is directly coupled to the amplifier. So, considering the price, the Wand presents itself as a true bargain!  (December 2015)


HiFi Choice (UK) August 2014. - This is a follow up on Neville Robert's earlier review of The Wand Classic (which he awarded 5 stars) he concluded; "The Wand Plus scores over the Classic in terms of features and refinement. The engineering is top class and this arm will certainly impart some magic to your recordings."

A HiFi Choice interview with Simon Brown about The Wand Tonearm design PDF 260kB

HiFi Plus (UK) of The Wand Plus as fitted to an Analogue Works turntable One. Issue #112 Where reviewer Alan Sircom commented; “What The Wand brings to the party is excitement. …. a sense of speed and energy and zest to the LP. .....the bass has a real sense of shape and dynamism to it. Soundstaging, image separation and image solidarity are good too.." The full review is on the HiFi Plus website

Hi Fi World Review Extract 5 Stars January 2012 edition of HiFi World magazine (UK), reviewer Adam Smith praised the bass saying "..the low end is a real strength of The Wand as it captures bass lines expertly and never seems to run out of puff or feel that it was lacking authority" But still felt that "it has a delightfully expressive and emotive midrange" and "..be offering a striking impressive neutrality at the top end.."

Adam concluded; "I would say that it is almost impossible not to fall for The Wand's charms. I love the styling which succeeds purely on a visual level... it makes most other arms look skinny and ineffective." "It captures the captures the innate essence of a good unipivot and adds in a healthy dose of the strengths of conventionally pivoted arms."

Extract from HiFi Choice #363 5 Stars
"The Wand certainly pulled something wonderful out of the hi-fi hat... It sounds completely out of its price class, letting you get lost in music. I loved the way it let the rhythms flow." And concluding; "The Wand is a powerful performer, punching way above its class of entry-level tonearms. If you want something that's at home with a wide variety of music, yet delivers that all important analogue wow factor, look no further.

TNT Audio Review
"The combination of the Wand, Denon 103 and Garrard 401 gives a wonderful musical experience from top to bottom and a sound stage that is so real and believable. All the LPs I tried sounded good, the combination seemed to level the playing field making all music a pleasure. ...Comparing the Wand to the Rega (RB1000) arm is difficult as I have to rely on my memory. What is apparent is the wonderful tonality of the Wand, the Rega sounds grey and some what flat in comparison, less believable."

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 https://www.fidelity-magazin.de/2017/04/17/test-the-wand-plus-tonarm// (In German but Translate button on site)

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Several Wand Blogs on this page,  http://www.thefactoryaudio.com/blog/ scroll down as there are several;  



Italian Wand enthusiasts have this forum page;  The Wand braccio in carbonio - Riproduzione Audio - Melius Club

In comparison to the SME V arm, the main difference was a real freshness and engagement in the experience. I don't know whether that's just because it was new and revealed different things but I honestly think it just lets the cartridge do its business. It inspired me to try out some different cartridges from my (minimal) collection. .....Ergonomically it is great. I love the positive feel with the finger-lift and it actually feels, to me, easier to cue up and place on the record. Jon (Dunedin NZ)

(Translated) "In recent weeks, I have had time to listen to different systems (Dynavector 20xx, Benz Glider & Gullwing, and Shelter 501mono) in comparison and on other arms. The installation of the systems is surprisingly easy and done in a few minutes, the same with the adjustments ... Sound impressions ... bass is dry and clearly outlined, mids transparent, highs clear and pleasant; sound reproduction seems very stable, dynamic, spatial impression is ok.

In direct comparison with Triplanar / VPI / Dynavector DV505 there is still potential at the ends of the frequency band, there is a little more to be had. In view of the favorable price of "The Wand" it was a truly great performance, no trace of buyer's remorse, a BEST BUY. Until something better comes along, this arm will continue to play a guiding role in my HiFi system."

"the amazing Wand! this arm is great. Never heard such great sounds. I'm lovin it tonight. It's holographic and sweet /rich. But it is throwing soundstages bigger than footy fields. I am really impressed. If you put on a great recording it's just stunning. Average recordings still sound lovely. I think I fell in love with it." Connoisseur BD1 / Ortofon MC20 & 30 Paul (Melbourne AU)

"I'm impressed, a great step up from my RB300 with mods (Technoarm), running on Rega P25 with ZU 103R (Modified Denon 103). The sound is impressive almost as much as the lack of it, seems to take some of the rubbish away, great bass and a big wide soundstage". " ..set-up was a breeze" Mark (Wellington NZ)

"My guests preferred your arm and the Supreme on my 401 - all thrown together - to my Kenwood KD 550 / FR12 / Ortofon Rohman combo, so that says a lot for the arm. The arm set up was straightforward and your alignment tool is a work of genius." Garrard 401 / Ortofon MC Supreme