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Wand Weinyl (x3) November 18 2016

Our German/Austrian distributor Bernd from Input Audio reported from the Wien (Vienna) Show;

Last weekend at the Vienna show "Klangbilder". …., this was a very small show with just 1500 or a bit more visitors. But my products were very well presented : the Wand Tone arm appearingin 3 demo rooms, the Croft amps in 2 rooms and all together with Harbeth speakers in our room, which was driven by the dealers from "simply hifi", "Longtone" from Vienna and me. …Our room received the best comments regular during the show from visitors, who came quite often several times to us to enjoy music in its most natural kind. Most of the time our room was full of visitors. The Harbeth SuperHL5plus speakers, well driven by the Croft regulated amplifiers, delivered a spectacular good sound – very dynamic, refined and with an absolutely natural flow, full of musical emotions. For us, it was a very good show and my dealers in Vienna were very delighted and well motivated.

For more photos see;

Oasis the Room (Not the Band) July 08 2016

As mentioned earlier, our 'Audio Downunder' Room (Colleen Cardas Imports) at the Newport Show was given an Audio Oasis award my Positive Feedback magazine, you can now read more about it (even if The Wand Tonearm reference is rather obscure...)

Positive Feedback Link

Another Show Stopper...... June 29 2016

SoundStage Global magazine featured The Wand Tonearm in it’s Newport Show Report section on Source devices, commenting “It’s weird to think of a tonearm costing more than $1000 as a fantastic bargain, but The Wand sure looks like one. The tonearms, which were being demonstrated on a $40,000 Döhmann turntable, start at $1050 for a 9” model” Link

Audio Oasis Award! June 26 2016

Wow, our room at THE Newport Show scored an "Audio Oasis" award from Positive Feedback magazine. They apparently only give this to a few rooms where you genuinely want to stay and listen to the music! Thank to the Brigadiers Audio Speakers, Pureaudio amps, Les Davis feet, Audio Union Helix One turntable with The Wand Tonearm (despite having dropped off the certificate!) and all organised by Colleeen Carda Imports.

Great room, great Show! June 17 2016 1 Comment

We were so busy at the Downunder Audio room (Colleen Cardas Imports) of THE Newport Show that I had neither much time for posting nor much visits of other rooms till the last hour or so. That was a great reality check. It was a reminder how effortless natural Brad's Brigadier BA2 speakers with the Pureaudio amps were, I'm sure I had blood dripping out my ears after visiting a couple of uber-end rooms.
it was a scary privilege to be using my (tone!) arms on the Audio Union Helix 1 turntable. What an amazing piece of technology Creating a sound that was just 'there'. Blurry photo attached (and more posts coming...)

ANZAC Audio to Storm the US (Newport Show June 2016) May 23 2016

What could be termed the First ANZAC Audio Expeditionary Force is set to make a landing at Newport Beach for T.H.E Show there next weekend. A group of manufacturers from Australia and New Zealand have combined to share two rooms hosted by Colleen Cardas Importers. (Rm 1012 & 1011). This is being promoted as "Downunder" audio.

Kiwi makers Pureaudio and Design Build Listen (The Wand Tonearm®) are sharing a room with the very high quality 'Compact BA2' monitors designed by Australia's Brad Serhan from Brigadiers Audio. The turntable is the extraordinary Audio Union Helix 1 designed by Melbourne based Mark Doehmann. All products will be isolated using isolation devices from Les Davis Audio of Sydney Australia.

Gary Morrison said that Pureaudio are showing a full analogue vinyl system including their Vinyl Preamplifier, Control Preamplifier, and an updated version of the Duo Class A stereo power amplifier. There will be a sneak preview of the new The Wand Tonearm Master Series which features a raft of refinements and a sophisticated silver finish.

In the next door room, Australian amplifier makers Redgum will be rocking with the high flying Aussie speaker maker Axis.

Dortmund High-end on Tour (HOT) Show 2015 January 02 2016

Input Audio  the active German Distributor for The Wand Tonearm® has done a number of Shows this year. The last one was the Dortmund Hi-end on Tour Show. The Wand Tonearm was mounted on a Palmer 2.5 turntable with Soundsmith AIDA cartridge. Driving the Harbeth 40.2 speakers in these photos were the newly released Trichord 500W monoblocks. This combination sounded very dynamic. Croft and Creek amplification also provided good alternative perspectives.


The Wand at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF) Room 465 September 27 2015

Our Dallas, Texas retailer, Mockingbird Distribution is using The Wand Tonearm as part of the release for a new range of moving coil cartridges from Japan, 華 (or hana, which means “brilliant and gorgeous” in the original Japanese). HANA Phono Cartridges use high rigidity aluminum cantilevers, and cross-shaped armatures, providing you with brilliant and gorgeous sound.  Hana “SH” and “SL” use nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus, capable of excellent high frequency response, giving you supreme transparency and excellent trackability.

Come and listen at RMAF 2015, in room 465.

Rockin with Analogue Works Turntable at the North West Audio Show this weekend! June 24 2015

Divine Audio are Showing their Analogue Works range of turntables at the North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall  this weekend.

The Wand Tonearm will be there too fitted on with this lovely Decca Maroon cartridge.
Be there or be digital......

The Wand Tonearm at Munich High End Audio Show May 17 2015

The Wand Tonearm has generated a lot of interest being displayed at the Munich  High End Audio Show. It is being  exhibited on the Analogue Works 2.0 turntable (Hall 3 Stand G07).

Photos from the Brussels High End Show October 29 2014

  Brussels High End show was held on October 25 and 26 and The Wand was proudly demonstrated PTP Solid 12. A couple of photos from Peter at PTP Audio gives a taste.....

So next weekend it is the AAA Krefeld Show, a show for Analogue enthusiasts in Germany.

More Magic for Lenco Enthusiasts! PTP Audio are offering The Wand Tonearm September 17 2014

PTP Audio are famous in the audio world for their turntables and components based on Swiss Lenco turntables from the 1970s. PTP turntables marry the famous PTP (Peters Top Plate) components with fabulous Corian Plinths. These have been awarded a Blue Moon Award from 6 Moons and prestigious Stereophile (US) recommendation,  so they are seriously good turntables and a great match for The Wand.

After trialling The Wand Unipivot Tonearm, Peter has enthusiastically adopted The Wand as one of the tonearms he offers for sale.  He commented when using a Midas Denon 103 on The Wand; So far I'm seriously impressed. Great tonality and dynamics before fitting a ZYX Universe when he exclaimed;  All I can say is that it sounds fantastic :-))

PTP is about to use The Wand on PTP turntables at two upcoming European HiFi Shows in The High End Show in Brussels and AAA Analog Tage in Krefeld, Germany (Full details soon).

Milan & Turin Shows and new Italian Distributor for The Wand Tonearm September 08 2014

We are proud to announce our new Italian Distributor for The Wand Tonearm.

Ayon Italia distributes an exciting range of products throughout Italy. As the name implies, they are Distributors for the rather wonderful Austrian Ayon Audio valve amplifiers Link. as well as hi-end Swiss speaker makers Lumen White.

Ayon Italia has a particularly strong suite of analogue products, from the appropriately named Lumen White Mystere turntable, through to two great ranges of phono cartridges, Miyajima Lab representing handcrafted MC's and Nagoaka, quality Japanese MM cartridges.

The Wand Tonearm is literally and figuratively able to bridge between these components.


Even more exciting is that there will be an opportunity to see these products at the Milan Audio Show  27/28 September 2014.

And soon after to hear them at the Turin Show in October. We hope to have The Wand Tonearm mounted on the Lumin White Mystere turntable.


For more details contact Ayon Italia