Soundcraftsman Zephyr Cartridge / Wand Tonearm / Lenco Turntable November 26 2016

Arm of the Week; Jason from the US has mated a Wand Classic to a Lenco and a Soundcraftsman Zephyr cartridge, running thought some seriously considered gear. He says;

Ok.  I (we? Ha!) have officially ruined my enjoyment of digital at this point.  Even high-resolution digital doesn’t seem to compare, and I have 4 different DACs, all of them at least good.  What an arm! Particularly when paired with a cartridge that works well together with it.  I’m still trying to get my mind around it. 

The latest round of the upgrade sickness means eight Sorbothane feet for the table and the piece of marble under it, as well as some new silver-mica capacitor upgrades for my phono stage.  The old Mylar caps I’d put in years ago were fine for the previous incarnation of turntable/arm/cartridge, but the Wand and the Zephyr have suddenly put a spotlight on what those are doing that I don’t like.  There is a certain sheen or glassiness to the upper-midrange into the treble that a few experiments with the caps has already revealed to me.