Great New Magazine Reviews for The Wand August 18 2014

The latest HiFi Choice (UK) magazine has a good review of The Wand Plus.

This is a follow up on Neville Robert's earlier review of The Wand Classic (which he awarded 5 stars) he concluded;

"The Wand Plus scores over the Classic in terms of features and refinement. The engineering is top class and this arm will certainly impart some magic to your recordings."


This follows last month's great review in HiFi Plus (UK) of The Wand Plus as fitted to an Analogue Works turntable One.

Where reviewer Alan Sircom commented; “What The Wand brings to the party is excitement. …. a sense of speed and energy and zest to the LP.    .....the bass has a real sense of shape and dynamism to it. Soundstaging, image separation and image solidarity are good too.." The full review is on the HiFi Plus website