High End On Tour Stuttgart 2016 April 12 2016

Our German distributor Input Audio has been busy again, this time at the High End On Tour Show in Stuttgart.

The Wand Tonearm this time featuring on the starter  (nee Michell) turntable and fully tweaked using Trichord external " Never Connected " power supply and with a Ortofon "Quintet Black" Moving Coil. Bernd reported that this setup provided very high level of quality. To the delight of his visitors who returned for more ... The phono preamplifier made ​​DinoMK3 with Dino + power supply via its MC input again an exemplary job. Harbeth speakers completed the system driven by either Creek or Croft amplifiers.

I had a quiet chuckle at the photo of the system which included a Nina Hagen LP. As a New Zealand university student many years ago, friends had a very angry Nina Hagen LP. None of us could understand German but we knew if we did it would be offensive. We played it loud.