The Universal Tonearm! HiFi & Musik Magazine Sweden July 07 2017

Swedish Magazine Hifi & Musik have just reviewed The Wand Tonearm® and applaud it as the “Universal Tonearm” after using it with no less than ten different cartridges. (in particular, saying it was the perfect arm for the Clearaudio Stradivari cartridge, which costs around 5x The Wand Plus that they reviewed it with)

They said; “Are there any disadvantages to in sound quality? In this test, the truth is, that I have not found a single problem with how The Wand presents music. It's could be said it does not have the same grip and precision as our familiar SME V, but being a unipivot, they have their own particular virtues of sufficient quantity. And in that way The Wand delivers less of the poetic story of Nottingham Analogue Ace Space can provide, So we’d say the combination of abilities  is greater than the sum of shortcomings. …… The design points to a perfect balance of these abilities. Against the fact that he wanted to create a good deal Tonearm for a reasonable money. What he has succeeded in constructing is one of the world’s best compromises between sound quality, operation and finish. In the final say The Wand always is a good alternative. No matter what tonearm you jam with. Highly recommended!

…and what they say about using it on a Linn is worthy of a separate post…..


Peripheral Equipment;


Clearaudio Stradivari,

Dynavector Karat 1703,

Gold Note Donatello Red, Hana SL,

Klsekl Purple Heart NS,

Koetsu Black,

Lyra Kleos,

Transfiguration Axia-S

Turntable Nottingham Analogue Space 294 HP Phono Stage · ASR Mini Basis Power Amplifier:  ATC SIA-2 150 Speaker ProAc Response 2.5