The Wand Tonearm® - Linn LP12 armboard available now! February 22 2016

The Wand Tonearm® - Linn LP12 armboard is now available here! This board is a drop in replacement for a Linn Armboard and has an elongated mounting hole that copes with both 9.5in and 10.3in Wand tonearms . This lets you fit a longer arm to your Linn and benefit from ~20% reduced distortion compared to ‘standard’ 9in arms.

The Wand-LP12 armboard is made of ply to be similar acoustically to the standard board and has resonance reducing pockets on the underside. Balanced skins of black laminate are etched with The Wand Tonearm® logo (or to order without).

The Wand is a good match musically to the LP12 as it can add a depth of musical information while maintaining the virtues of the LP12.