ANZAC Audio to Storm the US (Newport Show June 2016) May 23 2016

What could be termed the First ANZAC Audio Expeditionary Force is set to make a landing at Newport Beach for T.H.E Show there next weekend. A group of manufacturers from Australia and New Zealand have combined to share two rooms hosted by Colleen Cardas Importers. (Rm 1012 & 1011). This is being promoted as "Downunder" audio.

Kiwi makers Pureaudio and Design Build Listen (The Wand Tonearm®) are sharing a room with the very high quality 'Compact BA2' monitors designed by Australia's Brad Serhan from Brigadiers Audio. The turntable is the extraordinary Audio Union Helix 1 designed by Melbourne based Mark Doehmann. All products will be isolated using isolation devices from Les Davis Audio of Sydney Australia.

Gary Morrison said that Pureaudio are showing a full analogue vinyl system including their Vinyl Preamplifier, Control Preamplifier, and an updated version of the Duo Class A stereo power amplifier. There will be a sneak preview of the new The Wand Tonearm Master Series which features a raft of refinements and a sophisticated silver finish.

In the next door room, Australian amplifier makers Redgum will be rocking with the high flying Aussie speaker maker Axis.