Hana Umami Red Moving Coil Cartridge


The name Umami says a lot about this cartridge even before you consider the mix of technology and traditional skills that has gone into it. Umami is a statement of design intent.

Full bodied flavour, rich, meaty are all adjectives you find when doing a search for the meaning of Umami. Unsurprisingly, these also can describe the sound of the Umami Red cartridge.

Those familiar with the sound of the Hana ML may have wondered you would do much better but master designer Okada-san from Excel Sound, (makers of Hana cartridges) has lifted the bar considerably.

Drawing on 50 years of experience making cartridges sold under other brand names, Okada-san has added a check list of exotic parts and processes. A boron cantilever with nude microline stylus, cryogenically treated coil system of hand-wound high purity copper and a body of A7075 Duralumin & Ebony finished with multilayered Urushi laquer Even lower coil resistance and tighter tolerances improve output balance and frequency response.

But like all good chefs it is the subtle mix of these ingredients that give the Umami flavour

Check availability with us before ordering. We hold limited stock of these because of the cost.

We are only authorized to sell these in New Zealand but we can help find your nearest Distributor if you struggle to find them. NOTE NZ GST tax is added at Checkout. (So the total will be $6300 inclusive of GST)

We have a number of retailers / demonstrators in Auckland, Hamilton, Nelson, Timaru and Dunedin. Contact us to be put in touch.

 Hana Cartridge NZ Data Sheet Link

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