Les Davis Audio 3D-2 Constrained Layer Damping Devices


Les Davis Audio 3D-2 Constrained Layer Damping devices are used to suppress vibrations in audio gear. They are most commonly used under the feet of audio equipment .

Simply stated, constrained layer damping (CLD) is a modern technology used to suppress vibrations. CLD involves a viscoelastic material that is sandwiched between two layers of a stiffer material. This approach to vibration control is used in a number of applications, most notably in the aerospace and aviation industry.

In other words, CLD is based on solid scientific research. It is proven to be extremely effective in reducing vibrations in all types of precision applications.

After researching CLD, Les Davis naturally saw its potential in the high-end audio industry. He developed his own proprietary CLD material and tested it over an extended period of time. This resulted, of course, in Les Davis Audio 3D Constrained Layer Damping devices.

3D is a deceptively simple product. These small discs can be placed under all types of audio components to reduce vibration. They can be placed under turntables, digital sources, amplification, power supplies, motors and even underneath speakers.

In each case, 3D makes a significant sonic difference in the overall sound. The noise floor is reduced. Music sounds fuller, with more visceral impact. For many bits of gear the effect is not subtle—our customers often comment on the reduced noise floor and ability to make musical sense out of passages when they use 3D in their audio systems.

(NOTE we cannot supply these to Australian, North American, UK, DE, or Indonesian customers as there are local agents)

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