Snake Oil! Hi Performance turntable oil


The name is a joke about those promising much from little bottles whether patent medicines or HiFi "improvements". This oil has nothing to do with snakes as it's a totally synthetic  oil, primarily used in car racing. The advantage of this (5W20) racing grade oil is that is super slippery (around 30% lower coefficient of friction compared to other regular oils) but it also doesn't have many of the detergents and additives present in 'regular' mineral oils. These additives are often a disadvantage in turntable bearings. The synthetic formulation of this oil makes it more resistant to oxidation and sludge formation.

....the timbre of instruments improves. Low bass is more tuneful, brass instruments acquire a snarl if it's there! It's interesting how the higher frequencies have got louder. The leading edges of notes are happening sooner so the improvement is across the board. Leo, New Zealand Thorens 2030

I listened to part of The Colour of Spring (its becoming a bit of a test record!) last evening  after the Snakeoilchange there's a major improvement.   ..more bass and detail! Its amazing what lurks in the grooves of a vinyl record..... Richard, New Zealand

I am convinced that the snake oil gives a slightly clearer sound with extended high frequencies. At the bass end I feel the notes are better defined when the deck has been left spinning. Certainly taking into account the price you are asking this is an excellent value for money upgrade with definite audible benefits. Gerald, Sussex, UK

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