The Wand Tonearm, Turntable and Phono Stage Data

The Wand Turntable Information;

The Wand 14-4 Master Turntable Information sheet (PDF 450kB)

Wand Turntable Videos; (These are soon to be updated for Series B)

Turntable features;

Turntable Installation;

 Wand turntable cutaway detail

The Wand Weight andThe Wand Mat 

For all turntables; Information Sheet Here PDF 500kB

The Wand EV Battery Supply

The Wand EV is designed to get the best out of the already low noise floor of the Wand 14-4 Turntable and Wand EQ Phono stage. 
EV Information Sheet (PDF 330kB)


The Wand EQ Phono Stage

The Wand EQ Phono Stage Information Sheet (PDF 340kB)

The Wand Tonearm; 

Wand Tonearm Series B changes Information Sheet; Here

Wand Tonearm Data sheet Series B: Here.

Wand Tonearm Series B Installation Instructions: Here


30 Second intro video Here
Will The Wand fit on my turntable? See the data sheet above.
The Wand is designed around the Rega style mounting dimensions. Do check the height, some lids may hit.


Tell me about the mounts you have for my existing turntable / tonearm? The Wand mounts in a round hole (23-30mm) as with most turntables. The Wand Plus Installation PDF 1.3MB PDF and

The Wand Master Series Installation PDF 1.6MB PDF

The first three of five Installation videos are on Vimeo; (Each 3-5minutes long)

  1. Fitting & Balancing -   Link
  2. Drilling the Mounting Hole -  Link
  3. Fitting the Mount - Link  
  4. Fitting the Arm & Setting Overhang - Link
  5. Vertical & Horizontal Balancing - Link

To ease the replacement an existing arm we offer the following guides; (Images above)


    Will The Wand work on my suspended turntable? The Wand weighs ~500g (~1lb) this is similar to SME 3009 and a little heavier than Rega arms (420g). So it should be within the adjustment range of most turntables. For some turntables see; Cool Turntables



    Will The Wand work with my cartridge?

    The Wand Tonearm has been used with some of the worlds best cartridges from Lyra, Transfiguration, Koetsu, Kiseiki and Dynavector. It has the ability to let your cartridge shine, whether high end or high value.

    The Wand is "Medium Mass" at 12.5g effective mass (15g for the 12in), so will work with most cartridges. The Master Series arms are about 1g more.
    Even a high compliance cartridge like a Shure V15Vx gives a measured resonance at 7Hz, so is ok.  At the other extreme, conventional low compliance cartridges work well. Arm/Cartridge matching is frequently over-stated, unless you have a system with massive bandwidth or insist on playing badly warped records, it shouldn't be an issue. 

    As New Zealand Distributors  for the rather wonderful Hana MC cartridges we encourage the combination with The Wand Tonearm. While we can't sell this cartridge to customers outside New Zealand we still encourage you to contact your local Hana Distributor. The ML is particularly lovely. 

    The most popular cartridge with our users are Denon DL103 or Ortofon 2M  and variants of them both. (See the review pages) 
    Decca cartridges are challenging cartridges but a significant number of customers have found The Wand works really well . (Some images above and there are a lot more on a Pinterest Board, Wand Cartridge Collection

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